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Why Factur?

Our name is the center of the word manufacturing, similarly we believe that sales is central to what separates average companies from great companies.

We exist to help you Be The Factur that makes your company great. 

Manufacturing Networking Groups

Good for companies that need tools to find new customers themselves.

Watch how it works.

In our networking groups, you will connect with other suppliers who don't compete with you but go after the same types of companies as you. We help you work together to get referred into these companies.

Outsourced Prospecting

Good for companies that want us to find customers for them.

It's like having a full time salesperson that finds you more opportunities for half the cost.

We find and target specific accounts based on the types of manufacturers you sell to.

We find the decision makers and have qualifying conversations. You take it from there.

Who we help

Job Shops

Metal Fabrication | Thermoforming | Stamping | Plastic Fabrication | Assembly | Control Panels | Special Machinery | Coatings | Electrical | Inspection | Machining | PCBA | Rapid Prototyping

manufacturers representatives
manufacturers representatives


Metals | Equipment | Tooling | Components | Plastics | Supplies | Software | Automation | Material Handling | Packaging | Electronics | Mechanical | Power Transmission | Chemicals | Lube & Oil | Compressed Air

Engineering & Consulting

Design Engineering | Quality System | Process Improvement | System Integration | Product Development | Tooling Design | Automation | Electrical Design | Control Design

manufacturers representatives
manufacturers representatives

Service Suppliers

Materials Recycling | Maintenance & Repair | Facility Services | Staffing & Labor | Logistics

Want more info?

Want more info?